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In 2014 we started our journey in Lappeenranta. The first Indian restaurant in the Lappeenranta city. Since then we are giving high-quality Indian food to our customers and we continuously developed our self to meet the customer's demand.


In 2016

We expand our business to Lappeenranta university. we are the first Indian restaurant in the country serve Indian food in the university campus with students subsidiary (Kela Ateriatuki).

As our food demand increase in the university, we need a big kitchen to make 500 food a day.

2019 we established our pizza brand Ankur Pizza in Lappeenranta university.


We move to a new location Oppilaankatu 4, LPR. A 70 m2 kitchen to make 500 food by using cook and chill method.


After so many years of development, we develop a new way of cooking Indian food in sous-vide to bring the real aroma of the Indian spices.

Nasir head-chef.jpeg
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